There are many best places in Yogyakarta you must visit. I will tell you where is it. If you feel my information is not enough, I’m open minded to share to you more beautiful site or hidden places. Feel free to email me at then I’ll answer as soon as possible. On the other side, You can visit my blog Travellover Blog click here, I ensure that you will not get lost when you visit Indonesia or explore moro in Yogyakarta, Borobudur, Bromo, Bali, and many others. Now, Welcome in Yogyakarta city. This is my tips for all traveller the world who want to visit Yogyakarta city in all complete journey and trips. Here Yogyakarta usually called as Jogja or Yogya is located in middle of Java Island, Indonesia. It is a fascinating city of culture especially javanese people who very friendly, a wonderrful ancient temples, interesting history, traditions, culture, and the natural phenomenon.

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The best places in Jogja has attracted so many tourists, both foreign or domestic tourists. There are a lot of great things you can find here such as tradition of religion ceremonies, unique multiculture of various religions, many artistic creativity and hospitality of the people around make Yogya city as an unforgettable place to visit. However, the distance among the best places here is easy to reach and very favorable for the tourists who want to get the best trips. If you want to get more freedom of your time, I suggest you to rent private car or find a cheap tour package in local area. Click here to get reasoable price for car or local tour package. Here are the best places in Yogya you must visit:

Borobudur temple

Do you know that Borobudur is the greatest and biggest Buddhist temple in the world beside as one of the world heritage of UNESCO. Perhaps you only think that it is only just a stone. I said frankly No. Do you know why? Because a thousand sacred and mystical phenomenon you will find here. There are no expert can explain clearly how could people in past time built this great building with the awesome architecture. However, the story and history of Borobudur is very deep in the meaning inside. Thousand people visit here every month even all traveller in the world are willing to travel thousands of miles only to see the facinating temple as masterpiece that became the one of the seven wonders of the world. This magnificent temple contains of six square terraces and the three circular courtyard in ten levels. The walls of the temple are decorated to 2672 relief panels and 502 statue of Buddha. The main stupa located in the top of the temple and surrounded by 72 stupas which Buddha statue inside. People around believe if you can hold the statues inside of the stupa you will get a fortune. So, I try to do this at the moment. In the east direction, place where you come and you climb up the temple, please do not do that early. Going around and see sight seeing and capture all side is better. The temple was built in the 8th century that historically that the building has been here 300 years before Cambodia’s Angkor Wat built also 400 years before the cathedrals building in Europe.

Prambanan temple

Prambanan is the Hindust temple complex as the most beautiful Hindu temple in the world. It has high building and you can climb here to explore or come inside. Prambanan is located 17 kilometers from the Yogya city. You can reach here 45 minutes by private car or based on the traffic. Such as Borobudur that Prambanan is one of the world Heritage of UNESCO. Prambanan temple is extraordinarily wonderful building constructed in the 8 century during the peiode of two kings namely Rakai Pikatan as the next generation from his father King Balitung Mahasambu.

The high of the temple up to 47 meters symbol of Himalaya or sacred mountain for Hindust as heaven. The foundation of the temple has fulfilled for the desire of the Hindust King to show Hindu power in Java Island. Prambanan temple is dedicated for three main God that located in the primary yard of the temple namely Brahma, and Shiva and Vhisnu. Those three God temples are symbols of Trimurti in sacred Hindu belief. If the wheater is good you will see the beauty of Prambanan in the afternoon which offer a best view of the sunset here. It is very Amazing! You’ll feel of the peace in Prambanan temple when you looked at the beautiful sunset here. Also the sacred silence comes out and keep you amazed. Please to do not forget to capture all of the moment.


Malioboro is next best place you must visit in Yogyakarta city. Malioboro is the central place for gathering of artists from various sides and universities, young men and women, teenegers, a popular place for accessories and many knick knacks, a famous place for tourists,also a place for sellers and buyers. Malioboro is very crowded and usually full of people. This place was never empty of visitors from morning till night.

Here, malioboro you can buy many type of merchandise from beautiful accessories, a unique souvenirs, the classic batik art, gold and silver for household appliances. Especially for souvenir fans, Malioboro can be fun for hunting as paradise. Walking on the shoulder of the Malioboro street while bargaining for price of goods sold by the street vendors. It will be a very special experience. Variety and type of locally made souvenirs such as batik, rattan ornamental, silvers, bamboo handicrafts, leather of javanese puppets, blangkon, miniature of traditional vehicles, unique accessories, until key chains, all can be found easily here. If you’re good in bargaining, these items can be bought and taken home with a cheap price. On the other side, people who love culinary, Malioboro is a good place to taste the local food of Yogyakarta city.

Sultan Palace

Sultan palace in Yogya usually called as Keraton or Kasultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat or now better known by the name of Keraton Yogyakarta. Sultan Palace is the place for Sultan live and center of Javanese culture living of museum in the Special Region Yogykarta. Beside becomes the place to live for the king and his royal family,
the palace is also as a main part of cultural development in Java as well as the guard of the unique culture. At this place all tourists can learn and see by theirselves on how the Javanese culture still exist to live and be preserved.

There are many things can be seen here in Sultan Palace. Such as from the activity of King servants inside the palace who are doing their job or to see around for properties collection of the sultan palace. Do you know that Servants get no sallary. However, collections are kept inside of glass boxes that are spread in various rooms contains of ceramics and glassware, many weapons, all photographs, miniatures and replicas, also various kinds
of batik art and its deorama of the process.

Plaosan temple or Twin Temple Plaosan Lor and Kidul is the most popular as hidden temple for beautiful sunset. It also a symbol of love between two people as a couple with different religion, different dynasti and different decendent. It is a symbol of love between Rakai Pikatan as Hindust and Pramodawardani as Budist.

Taman Sari also known as Water Castle and becomes a site of a royal garden for the Sultan in Yogyakarta city. It is locatef about 2 km south of the grounds of the Kraton or sultan palace of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It built in mid of 18th century. The Water castle
absolutely had multiple functions, such as a rest area, a workshop, a meditation place, a defense way, and a hiding place for sultan and royal family. Taman Sari consists of four distinct areas such as a large artificial lake decorated of islands and pavilions located in the west side, a bathing complex located in the centre, a complex of pavilions and pools located in the south, and a smaller lake located in the east. As an important part of the Sultan kingdom, it necessary to visit. Don’t forget to capture all the moment.

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