UNESCO incorporated Batik Indonesia into the Representative List because it fulfilled the criteria, among others, rich with symbols and philosophy of Indonesian people’s life; contributes to the preservation of intangible cultural
heritage at this time and in the future.
Batik is a very unique cultural product of Indonesia and is a cultural richness that must be preserved and cultivated.
Indonesia has been known as a nation that has a very rich cultural diversity. This is caused by the Indonesian nation consists of many tribes spread across thousands of islands that exist in our country. One of the culture that became the pride of Indonesian society is batik art. Through this art and batik tradition, Indonesia became more known in the international world.
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Batik which is the original art of Indonesia has been successfully entered into the international market. Batik Indonesia became famous for its design and batik motifs are unique and different from other textiles.
This is the reason why batik is special in the international world
1. Batik is the original art of Indonesia.
Batik fashion today has been known as a typical fashion of the Indonesian nation. Batik is not only a work of art in the form of traditional cloth but this Indonesian batik contains historical and high artistic value.
Batik is a tradition of Indonesian society that has been successfully passed down from generation to generation especially in Javanese family. Batik that developed in Indonesia can be divided into two groups namely batik keraton and also coastal batik.
Batik that comes from the palace/ kingdom of kraton in general is a batik cloth that has patterns and motifs that contain a special meaning. While batik motif that comes from the coastal region does not contain meaning but has a beautiful pattern of batik motifs and patterns with a variety of bright colors and interesting.
2. Batik is a World Cultural heritage.
UNESCO as the United Nations agency that administers Education and Science on October 2, 2009 has entrusted batik as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity or in Indonesian language as a heritage of humanity for oral and non-material culture. Determination is then also directly get a response from the Indonesian government which set October 2 as National Batik Day through Presidential Decree No. 33 of 2009.
3. Batik became famous even in the world of international designer
Batik Can not be denied again has become the art of Indonesia which is also favored by foreign tourists. This is seen with the high interest of these tourists on the art of batik ranging from buying various batik products to participate and learn how to make batik.
Even the cloth and also batik clothes has become a handmade that is often brought by these tourists back to their country. Many people like, wear and show off Batik. Top world artists such as Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts, Manchester United liverpoll, Billioner Bill Gates, Presidents of European countries, USA, and even exhibition of design in Paris, England, America, and many others.
4. Batik Is A High Value Art Work
Batik has a variety of types of patterns and patterns very much. The shape of the design and batik motif is a work of art that comes from the skilled hands of batik artists.
Motifs that they draw many who use various types of symbols and many batik motifs that have meaning and also contain good advice for the life of main kind. Batik that contains meaning and philosophy in general we encounter on traditional batik cloth. One of them can be seen on batik motif “parang”. This batik motif in the past is one type of batik motif that should not be used by just anyone and can only be used by the King and his family.
Parang batik motif is a motive that contains the meaning and advice to never give up like a sea waves are always moving without stopping. Batik with this machetes motif also shows a form of unbreakable braid that has meaning as an effort to improve and keeping try to gain prosperity.
5. Not inferior to Traditional Clothes Other Nations
This Indonesian batik cloth has become the clothing worn by the people of Indonesia in their daily life. This Indonesian batik is not inferior to Kimono from Japan or hanbok from South Korea. Even batik has advantages, which is easier to use than two types of traditional clothes of other countries. Batik we can wear every day comfortably and for various activities.

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