There are several reasons Indonesia becomes the one of favorite destination for travelers whole the world.

The beauty of nature in Indonesia and the hospitality of its residents become the main attraction and the reasons why foreign tourists are very satisfied and enjoy entire time vacationing in Indonesia. However there are some unique reasons underlying the overseas travelers prefer visit Indonesia as a destination for the holiday and stay longer.

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1. Indonesia Has Unrivaled Natural Beauty

Indonesia is known as a wonderful place that has a variety of natural attractions and beautiful points. When it compared with other countries, the beauty of Indonesia is still more and most beautiful one. Even the world also admit it opinion. This is the fundamental reason why overseas travelers make Indonesia as a favorite tourist destination.

The various tourist destinations start from the temple, place of history, culture, beach, mountains, forest, lake, cave, river, beautiful sea side and many others. Something makes us more proud is almost all the natural beauty in Indonesia is formed naturally and still awake sustainability. Especially for surfers who like surfing can choose their favorite beaches in Bali, or explore Yogyakarta, even climbing volcanoes like Bromo, Ijen and other mountains.

2. All Current Running Activities as good wheater in tropical area

Tropical country, Indonesia only has two seasons like summer and rainy. The sun can still shine throughout the year even though we are experiencing the rainy season though. This is the reason why overseas travelers choose Indonesia as a tourist destination, since most of them come from winter countries who do not like cold-weather areas. They think that winter severely limits activity and also makes it difficult for them to decide on the choice of clothes at will. In Indonesia they can wear the clothes like they want and not afraid of the winter storms.

3. Easy Smiles and Very friendly

Indonesian people is famous as friendly and easy to smile. This is what makes the next reason why foreigners happy and relaxed for a vacation in Indonesia. The hospitality of the Indonesian people has indeed been handed down from the time of our ancestors. Foreigners who visit in Indonesia feel more appreciated by the hospitality and friendly characters of Indonesian people. Unlike in other countries whose society seems more indifferent to their presence.

4. Indonesia is a Paradise For Culinary Connoisseurs

The next reason that Travellers prefer to visit in Indonesia is local food or culinary. Indonesia is rich in culinary tourism, various regions in Indonesia has its own distinctive cuisine with a different image taste as well, all of course arouse the tastes of the audience. Many tourists fall in love and eventually settled for a long time in Indonesia because of the diverse image of Indonesian cuisine. Starting from fried rice, Soto, Meatballs, Pecel, Gado-gado, Sate ayak, and many more. More information about Indonesian Culinary click here.

5. High Tolerance to Difference

Indonesia is known as a country with full of tolerance for differences, while other countries out there are still debating racist, color, religious, race and caste issues in Indonesia, such conditions will not be encountered. Although the Indonesian state has various tribes and cultures, the Indonesian people are increasingly closely tied to unity. This is what attracts tourists to visit Indonesia, they think this is an exotic, behind the various differences of the Indonesian people complement each other, and enriching so that makes distinctive features for the nation of Indonesia.

6. Irregularities in Indonesia Become Attractiveness

damai di desa

Irregularity in Indonesia is also one of the reasons why travelers whole the world are very exited visiting Indonesia. In their home country, most Caucasians are accustomed to strict rules and discipline, from doing everything on time, disciplining everything from riding a bus, taking a bus, buying a ticket to a ball, moving so fast, everything is in hurry, and so on. While in Indonesia, people are still not accustomed to doing everything with regular and discipline, it is actually making happy foreigners and travelers from outside. Because they assume that order makes them bored and shackled.

7. Silly Fools Only Found in Indonesia

Travelers from abroad are very surprised to ridiculous things that exist in Indonesia, although we often resent the incident. Caucasians often see people riding motorcycle while sms or chating, riding motorcycle more than two people. Even, other ridiculous things that make foreigners like and interested in vacationing in Indonesia is such as  mask of monkeys, ojek taxi until the sewing tailor. In addition to frequent unexpected things like frequent dead lights, flight schedules are sudden delay. They think all of these things can only be found in Indonesia and they love it because it makes their lives no longer monotonous.

Various reasons above that cause the world travelers choose Indonesia as a tourist destination and make Indonesia as a friendly and peaceful place to live.

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