Can I explore Yogyakarta easy and cheap? Yes, 100% you can. There are two options such as using Transjogja Bus or Go-Jek.

As travel lover, exploring new place like local is preferred by many visitors. Beside Transjogja bus, there is Gojek or motortaxi as Alternative transportation to explore Yogyakarta and other cities.

Transjogja Bus

By using transjogja bus transportation you can visit the attractions easily and cheaply. Do not be afraid to get lost because the local people who can speak English will definitely show you the way and the road to tourist attractions such as Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Sultan palace, and many others. Especially for Borobudur temple you need to change with minibus in terminal Jombor. Usually this minibus goes to borobudur directly from terminal to Borobudur temple. After visiting around the temple then you want to go back to Jogja from Borobudur temple. You will use the same route. Minibus in  terminal near Borobudur temple, take minibus to Jombor terminal then take Transjogja to shelter near your hotel. This is very easy.

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Trans Jogja is one of the alternatives transportation operating in Yogyakarta since 2008. Trans Jogja fleet equipped with Air Conditioner operates every day from 05.30 am – 21.30 pm. It serves 6 special routes which some of them are not passed by city bus. Trans Jogja passenger capacity is 20 seated passengers and 20 standing passengers.

Anyone who wants to ride Trans Jogja must buy single trip tickets worth Rp 3,500. This ticket can be used to ride Trans Jogja wherever and during anything. If we get off at one stop and then transit to another fleet, we do not have to pay anymore. But this does not apply if we have a bus stop.

As an alternative transportation within the city, Trans Jogja becomes a convenient, comfortable, easy, cheap, and safe. If you confused with the location you want, you can ask the officer of Trans Jogja at bus stops or officers on the bus.

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Go-jek or Motortaxi

Now we will discuss about other public transportation that usually called as Gojek. Did you know that GO-JEK is a social-spirited company that leads the transportation industry revolution of motorbike / motortaxi. GO-JEK in cooperation with experienced motorcycle riders each big cities in Indonesia like Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta Bali and Surabaya. It is also the main solution in the delivery of stuffs, food, shopping and traveling around the city.

GoJek Indonesia stood in 2011 as an innovative social entrepreneurship to drive the transformation of the informal transport sector in order to operate professionally.

By using GO-JEK APP in App store / google play you can order GO-JEK Driver to access all these services. By way of Input your address to know the cost of using the service. Use the option “Use my location” service to find the Driver for you wherever you are. Once you have confirmed the order, our location based on technology will find the Driver whose the position is closest to you. After a Driver is assigned, you can see the Driver photo, send the sms or call him.

You can book motortaxi with GoJek Mobile Apps easyly. However, you must make sure to download the GoJek app via new Mobile specify which services will be selected. Next step, follow the instructions and enter the required data. Go-Jek uses transparency system. The price will be paid by the passenger that clearly visible on the screen after selecting the pick-up and delivery destination. When booking ojek, passengers can monitor the presence of motorcycle taxi drivers around the pick-up place. Who will pick up, where and where his position will be monitored so that passengers can be ready when the driver of

Go-Jek approaching the location to pickup. Masks and headgear will be provided free of charge to protect passengers for safety and from pollution. The transportation is good for use to visit tourist attractions. It’s cheap prices and easy ways. Even motortaxi or gojek can be used to reach places that can not be reached by the city bus. Even Go-Jek application also provides Go car service as taxi vehicle and cheaper than general taxi as well. There is another suggestion to you  as travel lover or backpackers. If you can drive scooter or motorcycle by your self, it’s better you rent motorcycle and visit the sights you want. I hope all the information that I have written to you is useful. Any advise or additional suggestion please leave your coments below.

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