Barong and Keris Dance

As a mythology tradition in Bali Barong dance is a character ofthe spirits, symbol of good, and enemy of Rangda. In the Balinese village, the Barong becomes a magical protector. With long mane and fantastic fanged mask and long mane, as a lord of forest He face to Rangdaas the witch who rules over of darkness around. This is a symbol of the war between good and evil that never end.Many types of Barong are available like barong ket, barong macan, and barong bangkal. Just like Kecak dance that Barong and Kris dance is a war between good and evil spirit originally which takes in farious form. Philosophically, Barong and Keris dance derives from the mythology and changes to be a tradition then becomes a reality in Bali.


Uluwatu is a symbol of protector for Balinese Hindu people. It has a lot of elements of life in the universe. This templeespecially is dedicated to protect Bali from the evil spirits on the sea. It located in Kuta district, Badung Bali or 30 kilometers from south of Denpasar.On the other side Uluwatu temple become the main pillars of spiritual in Bali that called Luwur temple. The temple was built by EmpuKuturan in nine century. Although, there is another opinion such as other people claim that Uluwatu temple was built by Hindu Monk from Kediri in east Java named Dang HyangNiratha. He moved to Bali in 1546 to complete a spiritual journey then went back to Uluwatu temple and died. He got moksa as symbol of die, leaved Marcapada as symbol of human body or leaved world life, and entered Swargaloka as symbol of heaven.Related to the Balinese 210 day, every six month there is big temple celebrations are held at Uluwatu temple. It is a symbol as a manifestation of power for protecting the temple.

Tanah lot temple

Every six month or 210 days there is a ritual in Tanah Lot temple and all the Hindus from different places come to pray and practice the ceremony. It is located in Beraban countryside, Tabanan Regency. It is about 30 Km in west of Denpasar. The temple built by Dang HyangNirartha from Blambangan, East Java. He went to Bali in the nineteenth century. Tanah lot become a famous place as tourist destinations with beautiful sunset. Word of Tanah Lot related to the word Tanah means reef or gili and Lot means sea. However Tanah Lot is a small island that floating to the sea. There is a religious and archaeological formation as a symbol inside of the temple. Even, the design of temple has fundamental element as a sign of complexities for Balinese faith. However, Tanah Lot temple become one of the icons of tourism in Bali. It will be a good place and an impressive tourism to you for holding rituals.

Bali museum

Bali Museum is built to safe, take care, and preserve especially for the heritage of Balinese culture. Because of culture erosion symptoms, there is an initiative related to the worry feeling existence. In order that the Balinese culture will not totally disappear and lose. The Museum is located in Wisnustreet of Denpasar town where in the north side there is Jagatnatha temple. Now, the main function of the museum is holding the exhibition that the management took over by Indonesian government. The object of collections in Bali museum classified as historian, ethnographic, and cultural things or equipment of ritual. They are Grave petrify, stupika clay, bronze statues, Keris, Endek cloth, Sangku, Cecepan, Sidakarya mask, and many others.

Kecak and Fire Dance

As a spectacular dance performance in Bali, Kecak is supported by some factors in the dance introduction to the story with a music to accompany for dancers movements. In Kecak dance there is combination music with a sound “cak” which are 50 untill 70 people that they will create a music in akapela. It starts from one person as a leader gives the tone early then somebody else tries to be suppressor for high and low pressure tone, the other person to a solo singer, and someone else to be a mastermind to deliver the dance story.In performance art, Kecak is usually used to accompany Sanghyang as sacred dance with combination of sounds that creates the melodies. Mostly Kecak dance uses Ramayana as a fragment of Hindu. However, Special part of Kecak dance is provided by the human voice and Gamelan music.If the people around visit in Bali there is no reason to miss it.

Jagatnatha temple

As a biggest Hindu temple in Bali, a beautiful Jagatnatha temple located in the center of Denpasar City and very easy to reached as well as famous temple. In the temple there is a public shrine to pray for Sang HyangWidhiWasa or named as calling for Hindu God. Jagatnatha temple has many visitors as Hindu people especially in the season of the Hindu Holiday including full moon. Among to the other temple in Bali, Jagatnatha become a first place for Hindu ceremonial and ritual procession.

Lombok Island

The beautiful island of Lombok can be accessed via air (20 minutes flight from Bali, 90 mins flight from Jakarta) or by sea (2 hours by speedboat from Bali). As the airport and the harbor are located at different parts of the island. There are several beautiful places you can find here.

Kuta beaches & Horse Riding

Arrive to Kuta in South Lombok, also known as a popular area for surfing and kite surfing. However, if you are not into these sports, Kuta has a lot to be discovered. We recommend that you get on a horse and explore the beautiful surroundings that make Kuta a must visit in Lombok.

With your horse, you may pass by traditional villages or discover some hidden beaches, or even both!

Land Rover Tour to Pink beach & Inhabited islands.

On your next day we highly recommend you to go on a Land Rover tour, travelling to some hidden beaches. Your guide will show you the secret Pink Beach and hidden islands to do snorkeling. Enjoy incredible views and make sure to bring your camera!

Senggigi and Sasak tour

Senggigi is a convenient place for visitors; you may find an array of hotels from budget to high-end, and the more you go towards the North of Senggigi, the nicer the hotels are. Jeevaklui&Puri Mas are among the fancy ones, including spa treatments and romantic settings.

Discover the Sasak Cultural Tour, Sasak being the culture of Lombok people. You will see the tradition of weaving and pottery villages on your way, also passing by some incredible beaches.


Giliisland and Visit traditional

We recommend that you get the Nature Safari Tour in the Land Rover. You will be discovering some of Lombok’s hidden waterfalls and enjoy river tubing as well. The tour is also culturally enriching as you will visit the locals in their villages and be entertain to a performance of traditional music by the villagers.

If you are in the mood to be at the seaside instead, we have another option for you; that is to take the day off and chill on a yacht that will bring you around the 3 Gili islands. Be the captain of the ship for a day and make a stop to snorkel wherever you like, or simply stay on the boat and sip some cocktails while watching the sun sets into the beautiful sea.


Diving in Sekotong area or Surfing & Fishing in Ekas Bay

Being located in Kuta is like being in the middle of a paradise for beach lovers :

Driving 2 hours West or East will bring you to the most remote and beautiful beaches of Lombok. Sekotong area on the West side is well known for its diving and snorkeling in pristine transparent water. A bit further, you’ll see the famous desert point for surf addicts. While Ekas Bay, on the East side facing Sumbawa gatherers fishermen villages where you can enjoy surfing, adventurous photography & quietness.