There are several best spot in Central Java to explore. Here is a list of destination in Central Java you must visit.

Gedong Songo

GedongSongo is one of Beautiful Hiduist Javanese templein Central Java 8th century located in mount of Ungaran 900 meters above see level. The meaning of GedongSongo related to the Javanese word is nine bulding. Although there are five complex there. Everyone needs one hour more less to climb up. Even there is horse to rent, then you can get on the horse to climb. GedongSongo was built in high of the mountains in the area with a full of volcanic sulfure view. The name of this temple is not the original. It doesn’t mean to the number of buildings. There is special meaning for number nine in the Javanese culture related to the temple.

Borobudur temple

As the biggest Buddist temple in the world with beautiful design and architecture, Borobudur was built in the eighth centuries by Syailendra dynasty named Samaratungga. It was found by Thomas Rafless as a governor of Singapore. Unfortunately, it is not easy to rebuilt the temple because of some causal factors such as earthquake by Merapi volcano, a lot of disster, and the world war. Perhaps, people will think it is just a stone. If the people around the world understand well what is the real meaning of the temple, they willunderstand why it become a heritage of the world, heritage of UNESCO, and become a miracle for human being. Even until now, there are no experts can explain how can people in past time can built this temple with the high standard of architecture and full of the mystery inside.

Mendut Temple

It was the oldest Buddist temple which built in the 9th century. Menduttemple is not only become the praying place  and rituals for Buddist, but also place for meditation believed by local Javanese people. On the month of May there is Buddist Holiest day when the brightest full moon appears on this month and called as the PurnamaSidhi. Thousands of people will pray and celebrate with parade marching.

Pawon Temple

Pawon temple is small temple to place for ash of cremated king. Word of Pawon is derived from the word awu in Javanese word that means dust or ash. It is small place but important part for Buddist ceremonial. Even in every Buddist holiest day, people celebrate Vesak and walk around by foot passing Mendut temple at the first then Pawon temple as the second and Borobudur for the last place. On the other side, Vesak is also known for memorating the Birth of Siddharta Gautama as reincarnation of Budha.