After you determine for explroring Indonesia, you must visit East Java provided perfect spot that you can not miss it. Here a list of East Java destination:


You will see wonderful view and beautiful sunrise here. It is the most spectacular and accessible park in the Indonesia archipelago, it lies between 78 54′ – 8*13′ South latitude and 112*51′ – 113804′ East Longitude on the globe. The area covers 58.000 hectares of administration of the Directorate General of Forest and Nature Conservation. There are 4 main reserves, namely: Laut Pasir Reserve, the sea of sand- declared in 1991 as a protection of 10km wide soft bed of the Caldera. The ranu Pane – Ranu Regulo l 14 km away from he active Bromo on the southern of the Caldera. Ranu Kumbolo Reserve. The Kumbolo lake is surrounded by a ring of the hill ops and scattered conifers. Both were established in 1921. The Ranu Darungan Reserve. It was only recently included in October 1982. The whole region stretches 40 km from the north to the south and 30 km from East of West.


The ijen plateau his is the center of the Ijen – Merapi. Malang Reserve. The Principal attraction at ijen is the large, Superheroes crater lake which lies hidden between sheer walls of deeply furrowed rock at more than 200 meters. The ijen crater itself lies at approximately 2.300 meters above sen level. It form a twin volcano with the now extinct mount Merapi. The enormous crater lake. which is 200 meters deep and covers an area of more than halt a million square meters. Contains about 36 million cubic meters of streaming. Acid water Ijen crater shows a special type of vacancies feature common to Indonesia, About 1 kilo meters in diameter and 175 metres deep

If You want to explore the beauty of Java Island to visit Yogyakarta, visit Borobudur, visit Bromo, and visit Kawah Ijen. This followed overland tour arrangements are special designed to explore the all tour destinations in Java Island from Yogyakarta/Jogja, Bromo to Bali with its variations, learn this arrangement if you want to explore Java island. With this arrangement you can enjoy unforgettable excursion from Yogyakarta Bromo Surabaya, Yogyakarta/Jogja, Bromo Kalibaru and Bali, or Yogyakarta/Jogja Bromo Kawah Ijen and Bali.