Yogyakarta city has  many beautiful destinations to visit. Do not miss this places when you travel to Indonesia. This is a list of destination below:

Merapi Lava View

Becoming an active volcano Merapi Mountain is located Kaliadem Village between Central Java and border town of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is erupts every five years as the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly since 1548. However, it is so spectacular as well and still quite safe to visit. Approximately Merapi has 28 kilometers and 247 feet above sea level. Because of the beautiful panorama Merapi becomes a popular tourist destination nearby to Yogyakarta.You will see a lot of monuments house or all stuffs in Eruption era 2006 and 2010 as the most important part here.

Sultan Palace

Yogyakarta city was builth by Mangkubumi as the first king in 1756. The most important thing about Yogyakarta city is Sultan as a king and the king become a governor. That is why Yogyakarta city become special territorial. Nearby of Malioborostreet there is Sultan Palace where the Sultan live.There are a thousand servants of the sultan called abdidalem. They are not paid. No money no salary but their whole life is paid by a king. Beside as place to live, Sultan palace also as symbol an authority of the king and symbol of Javanese culture. It becomes a place for education center, Javanese culture center, and Traditional art or musical center.

Taman Sari

Taman sari was built three years after existence of Yogyakarta city. Located nearby of the Kratonthere is Taman sari water castle as a recreation place for Sultan. It also called as a garden which originally built for some purposes such as for taking a rest, working, hiding, and meditation place. Nowadays, some parts of Taman sari Water castle become a residents and homes for local people. There is combination building style for architecture of Taman sari like eastern and western style. Here, there is the famous place called UmbulPasiraman with full of history. People will find interesting part and unique story when they visit Taman sari as well.

Bird Market

In Yogyakarta city there is a bird market called as Pasty or place for Fauna and Ornamental Plant Market.This is traditional place which usually crowded to visit by local people mainly on every Sunday. Bird market becomes a special culture in Java. Even there are a lot of organization and competition of the bird. Sometimes the price of the bird is more expensive than luxurius car. In the Bird Market people sell a lot of animal type like birds, lizards, varans, rabbits, dogs, cats, owls, chicken,snakes and many others. In 2014 Pasty has been moved to the south of the city called Jalan Bantul Km 1. The part of beauty that people can find in the market is many handmade, colorfulcages, and artistic result.


Malioboro developed to be a busy and a crowded street. As a centre of souvenirs a lot of stores open daily at 9 am until 9 pm. When all the stores closed there are a lot of Lesehan restaurant. Lesehan is eating on the floor. The meaning of Malioboro is a garden of flower because in past time it was a place for King Sultan ceremonial and a lot of flowers here. Even Malioboro has one line and one way to Sultan Palace as important way for Javanese ceremonial. You can also find traditional market called Bringharjo that people can shop and take a look as well. Along this street there are a lot of tourist villages that people can find some restaurants, bars, and hotel or losmen. Even Malioboro can be an enjoyable place for hunting and shoping.

Prambanan Temple

As the biggest Hindu temple in Indonesia Prambanan was built by Sanjaya Dynasty named BalitungMahaSambu. It dedicated to respect Three main Gods called Trimurtilike Brahma as a God of create, Siwa as a God of recreate also destroyer, and Wisnu God of protector. There were 240 total of the temple with a hundreds of small temples and eight big temples. A lot of the temple part is ruin. Even people find a decoration of Ramayana Story or story of Rama and Sintain the relief panels of Prambanan temple. Each of structure is beautiful and detailed carvings. On west side, there is a luxury stage of Ramayana ballet which will be held on May until October. On this temple there is a Nandi or bull as a sacred animal temple. That is why for eating abeef is forbidden to Hinduism people. Still in the area of the temple there are Buddist temple surrounded as a symbol of tolerance.

Plaosan Temple

Twin Temple Plaosan Lor and Kidul is the most popular as hidden temple for beautiful sunset. It also a symbol of love between two people as a couple with different religion, different dynasti and different decendent. It is a symbol of love between Rakai Pikatan as Hindust and Pramodawardani as Budist.